Family Route- Partner and/or Parent Application for Leave to Remain ( from the UK) or Entry Clearance ( visa to enter the UK)​​​​​​​

EA Law Solicitors have a wealth of extensive experience in immigration applications, whether it be in- country applications for leave to remain in the UK, or entry clearance applications for those applying outside the UK. Our lawyers are highly successful in advising clients on any immigration query, and uniquely combine an efficient and specialist service with the empathy and confidentiality which naturally
is expected with sensitive inquiries.

EA Law Solicitors adopt a holistic approach, guiding you throughout the whole application process and provide tailored advice to suit your specific case. We offer an initial £120 plus vat ( if you live in the UK) fixed fee assessment, during which we may discuss both options of in-country leave to remain or the external application of entry clearance. By covering all possible routes, we ensure that we will only submit the application with which you feel most comfortable and is best suited to your situation. We pride ourselves on our honesty in giving you our frank perception of the chance of your case succeeding, allowing you to be fully informed before deciding to proceed. This ensures that you are comfortable with your chosen immigration route and prevents any unnecessary costs, which we understand is draining both emotionally and financially. After the assessment, our team of lawyers will then handle all documentation, fill in the application, write representations and take the case further to the appeal stage if required, to ensure your application succeeds. We provide one seamless service to cater for your needs and deal with your case from start to finish, whilst keeping you updated every step of the way.

In-country application or entry clearance application
There are substantial differences between in-country and entry clearance applications. The in-country application has the advantage of you not having to return to your country of origin. If granted, you will be given 2 and a half years of leave to remain, which you will then need to extend at the end of this period. You may have to continue to do this until you have built up a total of 10 years of legal stay in the UK. This 10 year period can include previous grants of leave to remain that you may have prior to the application, under the Long Residence Rules. Under this application, there are further elements to prove which are not required for entry clearance, such as insurmountable obstacles. In our initial assessment of your case, all this will be clearly discussed with you to ensure you proceed with the application best suited to your situation.

The entry clearance application (spouse visa) must be made from a country outside the UK, normally your country of origin. Again, you will be granted 2 and a half years of leave to remain, which will then have to be extended. This time you will only need to have a total of 5 years of legal stay to permanently qualify for indefinite leave to remain. However, there are additional requirements which you will need to fulfil,
including the £18,600 income financial requirement. These factors will be taken into consideration and fully discussed at our initial assessment of your case.

Possible routes for the in-country application
There are five main routes under this application, which are as follows:
1. Partner of a British citizen, or a parent of a British citizen (5 years)
2. Partner of a British citizen (10 years)
3. Parent of a British citizen (10 years)
4. Dependent child of a person who has limited leave to remain or enter into the UK (10 years)
5. Private Life in the UK (10 years)

There are differences in requirements for each route, all of which will be dealt by our specialist team. By simply informing us about your case, we will be able to advise you on the best possible route to maximise your chance of success, and we will walk you through your application at each stage. We understand that immigration applications are extremely stressful, so by offering you a bespoke and tailored service, you will always have the comfort of knowing your application is being processed swiftly and professionally.

If you are looking to reside in the UK on the basis that you have a British partner, child or that you have established a private life in the UK and you would simply like information or assistance with your application, we are more than happy to help. We provide an extremely flexible service, so if cost is an issue, we offer a bespoke document checking service which entails going through your entire application
to ensure it is complete and strengthening it to assist your case. With a combined experience of 40 years exclusively in immigration law, our two expert lawyers in this department know the industry very well to formulate your application for it to succeed. We look forward to helping you with your case.

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