This time in January normally has the same old story about divorce rate spikes doing the rounds in the media. January 4th is often said to be “Divorce Day”, the most popular time of year for couples to split up! It’s just after the Christmas and New Year celebrations and everyone is back to work during a month that’s just as dark and dreary as the last only without any festivities to look forward to. People are generally getting back to the normality of work and the whole collective mood seems a little low and so stories like this seem to fit perfectly and appear true.

However, although some organisations do report a sizeable increase in enquiries about relationship issues, including breakdown and divorce, at this time of year it’s certainly not universal and it almost feeds into the idea that lawyers profit from the misery of others. That’s not generally true and in dealing with a variety of family and matrimonial matters at EA Law Solicitors we know how major and life changing such relationship endings and breakdowns are for couples and how reluctantly they often take decisions to go ahead with them.

For some, divorce and the end of a relationship is inevitable, in which case we can provide full advice and support throughout what may be one of the most stressful and difficult personal challenges in someone’s life. It is often a very complex area of law to navigate and so getting a DIY pack from online providers may just leave you without the support and guidance that could be of so much benefit to you and your family in the long term. We offer competitive fixed fees at various levels depending on the assistance that you need.
Thankfully, still for most, divorce is not a reality and problems can be worked through by many couples. It may instead be a good opportunity to give some time and dedication to your relationship, family and loved ones and we can also help with putting several types of arrangements in place to give each of you peace of mind no matter what may happen in the future.

It may be a good time to think about:

Relationship Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement:
If you are in an unmarried relationship and living together this can be a useful way of setting out arrangements between you both and deciding what would happen to belongings and bills in the event that you separated. They can also set out how you both will arrange your money, assets and belongings as well as how you will contribute to bills and expenses.

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement:
These are agreements for those intending to marry and are usually drawn up at least 6 months before the wedding. It sets out how you intend your assets to be divided between one another in the event of a divorce.

A Post-Nuptial Agreement:
After a marriage you can draw up a post-nuptial agreement that deals with the future of any belongings and assets and how you would divide them between you in the event of a separation and divorce.

Providing for your Family on Death or Serious Illness

If you are unmarried then you may not have the arrangements you want in place in the event of your death and your partner may not be provided for in the way that you believe due to specific rules about what happens when you die without leaving a will. In marriage, if you are considering a nuptial agreement then your Will should be carefully drafted in accordance with this. Of particular importance is when you have children from a previous relationship or marriage to ensure that your wishes are properly expressed and able to be carried out.

Living Wills and Advance Decisions:
If the worst should ever happen and you became mentally incapacitated or terminally ill then you can express your wishes about treatment and end of life care in advance so that your family knows that they are taking the decisions that you would have done if able to and following your directions. This can help ease the burden on loved ones at what would be an extremely difficult time.

Why not give some time to your family and relationship to get your arrangements in order and give you and your loved ones peace of mind. At EA Law Solicitors our expert solicitors are here to help and we would be happy to guide you through our range of options.