We are now working with Institute of Cancer Research to offer free wills!
We at E A Law are proud to announce that we are working in partnership with the institute of Cancer Research to offer free wills to those over 60! If you already have a will, you can also have it amended or updated for free.

Founded in 1909, the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) is a leading organisation that employs over 800 scientists across the UK who together work tirelessly to develop the latest treatments for a range of cancers. The ICR has an outstanding track record in cancer research, from understanding the basic causes of cancer through to developing the latest treatments and their research helps saves thousands of lives each year.

However, being a leading research institute is costly and the ICR has become increasingly dependent on charitable donations to continue carrying out cutting edge research. In light of this, they are offering any one over the age of 60 the opportunity to have a will drafted for free with our firm in the hope that participants will consider leaving donations in their legacy. Participants are not required or expected to include the ICR in their legacy if they decide to have a will drafted, however, every small donation goes a long way in aiding the discoveries of new cancer treatments. Furthermore, all donations received by the ICR are not subject to inheritance tax, capital gains tax or income tax meaning that every penny given to the institute can be used effectively.

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