A judgement on the Goel and Trivedi v Ryanair case has been published and passengers have been victorious!

Mr Goel and Mr Trivedi were two passengers to travelled with Ryanair in 2008 and were delayed for over 10 hours. In light of the Jet2vHuzar judgement they brought forward a claim against Ryanair in order to retrieve the compensation they were entitled to.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling that passengers in England and Wales have six years to take a flight delay claim to Court, Ryanair has a clause in its Terms and Conditions stating that passengers only have two years.

In light of this, the airline was consistently rejecting passengers claims for compensation despite them bringing forward their cases within the 6 year stat limit date.

The case of Goel & Trivedi v Ryanair looked at whether Ryanair could deny Goel & Trivedi compensation based on this two year limitation argument and the judgement has fallen in favour of the passengers.

The Judge took the view that Ryanair’s terms and conditions were unfair as they limited passengers rights and could not overwrite the supreme court judgment which specified that clients had six years to bring forward their claims.

It is likely that this positive result will be taken as a president for all similar pending and future cases being brought forward against airlines who have taken a similar stance to Ryanair regarding statuary limit dates. The landmark ruling could mean that airlines will now have to pay out millions of pounds of compensation on backdated cases.

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