UK Immigration Law

EA Law has a highly successful team of immigration solicitors. Our team of UK immigration lawyers offer a bespoke one-to-one client service covering a range of legal issues for those needing assistance with business, domestic or leisure matters such as: applying for a UK visa, appealing a refused UK visa, visa for setting up a business in the UK, visa for representing your business abroad in the UK, visa for investing in the UK, unmarried partners, student visits, tourist visits and more.

Whether you’re looking to make an in country or out of country application, having the peace of mind of knowing you have a specialist legal adviser on your side can give you great comfort.

Perhaps you've recently chosen to live in the UK and need specialist legal advice to guide you through the red tape, or maybe you want to apply for Citizenship, rights of access to a child in the UK or help with a Tribunal and High Court appeals. Whatever life throws at you, we can help. As experienced legal services experts, our lawyers can assist you with a multitude of legal issues. We also provide employment and business legal services which are ideal for people who live abroad but have already, or are about to, set up a business in the UK.

Driven by our ethos of giving sound specialist legal advice and a frank assessment of your chances of success from the outset, we aim to provide the very best service and exceed your expectations.

Communication with our overseas clients is carried out securely through our secure case management system, Whatsup, Zoom and email. As we operate on a fixed fee basis, there are no additional hidden charges.

So if you’re looking for a specialist and qualified immigration solicitor in London with a high success rate then EA Law is for you.


Our fixed fee pricing for applications ranges from £875 to £6500 plus vat (no vat payable if you are not domiciled in the UK) , depending on the type of application and time required to work on it. Also, it depends on the level of experience of the caseworker dealing with your case.

Our fixed fees for Immigration applications includes all the work involved in preparing the application until a decision is made, Starting with taking instructions and advising you, checking your documents, completing and submitting the online form, drafting and submitting a cover letter with detailed legal representations, submitting your documents, answering any Home Office queries, advising you of the decision and if refused; advising you on next step and costs involved.

In addition, you must pay the Home Office application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge per person. No vat is included in these fees.

Hourly rates

EA Law's Paralegal has 8 years experience and her hourly rate is £138 plus vat (no vat payable if you are not domiciled in the UK)

EA Law's Solicitors each have over 8 years experience and their hourly rate is £250 (no vat payable if you are not domiciled in the UK)

EA Law's senior Solicitor with over 20 years experience hourly rate is £409 (no vat payable if you are not domiciled in the UK)


Assuming we receive all the information and documents required in a timely manner then we can prepare straight forward applications within 3 weeks.

It can normally take up to 3 months to receive a decision on a visa application and up to 6 months for an application made inside the UK. If you choose the Home Office priority service then a decision can be made within 48 hours. There is an additional fee payable to the Home Office for this service.

  • Start Up/Innovator Visa
  • Investor
  • Business Visit
Sole Representative
Sponsorship Licence
Compliance audit/checks
Entry Clearance/Leave to Remain/Intra Company Transfers for Employees
Tribunal and High Court Appeals
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain/Permanent Residence/Extension of Stay
  • Deportation Appeals
  • Tribunal and High Court Appeals
  • Public figures & Celebrities
  • Marriage and Civil Partners
  • Fiancé and Proposed Civil Partners
  • Unmarried and Same Sex Partners
  • European Nationals & Family Members
  • British Citizenship
  • Ancestry
  • Students ( including children)
  • Dependent Relatives
  • Working in the UK
  • Rights of Access to a Child in the UK
  • Long Residence
  • Human Rights
  • Adoption
  • Sports Person
  • Family Visits
  • Tourist Visits
  • Marriage Visits
  • Entertainer Visits
  • Business Visits
  • Child Visitors
When all that matters is being together, we can help you obtain either a five year UK marriage visa, or a UK settlement visa.
Having one or more of your children living overseas can be heart breaking. If your children live in the UK, we can help you gain the right visa to visit them and work in the UK.
Could you be the next Richard Branson? We can assist you in applying for a visa to establish, join, or take over one or more businesses in the UK.
We can appeal against the refusal of your UK visa for you. Your appeal will be heard in an immigration Tribunal in England. We will prepare your appeal and represent you on your behalf. We have a high success rate as we will not advise appealing if you have a low chance of success.