Shareholders' Agreements

A properly drafted Shareholders' Agreement should ensure that all Shareholders' are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

At EA Law, Damion Way, our specialist commercial solicitor has a wealth of experience to ensure your Shareholder Agreement is tailored to the needs of the Shareholders' to address their unique situation.

Examples of such bespoke considerations, but not limited to, -

* Minority interests
* Future financing such as loans from the Shareholders' or Directors' of the company, or from third party debt such as a bank loan, or from the issues of new sales to existing or new Shareholders'
* Regulate when and how shares can be transferred and at which price
* Tag along rights and drag along rights
* A dividend policy
* Dispute resolution

Our commercial solicitor, Damion Way, will carefully draft the shareholders' agreement to ensure it identifies the interests of the Shareholders'. It is important the agreement covers the benefits financially in all aspects, from; the value of the company increasing, the on-going employment as a Director by way of salary and bonus and receiving dividends.

Also it should cover the decisions that Directors' and Shareholders' may and may not make without agreement from other Directors' and Shareholders'. The Shareholders’ Agreement needs to set out what is a "majority" in the context of needing consent.

Specialist Advice
Our specialist adviser will ensure no issue is left uncovered in a shareholders' agreement. Everything is discussed to protect the business and the shareholders'. This expert advice and insight will prove invaluable to your business. Discussing and incorporating such issues will not only ensure you have a solid agreement but also set a good foundation upon which to build your business. Our drafting includes such specialist advice which will ensure the successful running of your company.

Such advice would include but not limited to-

* Capitalization table or cap table
* Vesting provisions
* Pledge or hypothecate shares
* Commercial objectives of the company
* Restrictive covenants
* Shareholders' rights
* Disputes resolution
* Funding outside of the initial capitalization
* Outside Board Members'
* Appointment and removing Directors'
* Managing Director rights
* Quorum for meetings of the Board of Directors'
* Exit strategy
* New equity issues
* Restrictions and deadlock between the Shareholders'.

For further information and advice, please contact us for a complimentary legal enquiry with our specialist senior commercial solicitor.

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