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EA Law Solicitors offer a bespoke business contract review and drafting service. Call our commercial business lawyers on +44 (0) 203 786 1165 or complete the contact form below and we will call you.

At EA Law our Business Lawyers are strong negotiators, experienced at pre-empting issues before they arise, and have a natural robust litigation nature. Their professional experience means they know only too well the pitfalls that can arise in business contracts and the importance of having a good contract in place to protect your business from risk.

EA Law's contract review services will ensure your existing contract or terms of business are designed to your business needs, as otherwise it can result in a future business dispute that can be costly to your business to resolve, and if your existing contract or terms of business are not sufficient we will redraft them for you.

We have expertise in the following types of contracts:

Shareholders Agreements; Joint Venture Agreements; Memorandum of Understandings; Employment Contracts; Director's Services Agreements; Contractor / Freelance Agreements; IP Licences and Assignments; Software Licences; Software Development Agreements; Website Development Agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements; Non-Circumvention Agreements; Sales Terms and Conditions; Sales Agreements; Services Terms and Conditions; Services Agreements; Supply Agreements; Procurement Agreements; Letters of Engagement; Website Terms and Conditions; Website Privacy Policies (GDPR compliant); Website Cookie Policies; Privacy Notices (GDPR compliant); Agency Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Research Agreements; Framework Services Agreements with Statements of Work; Collaboration Agreements; Partnership Agreements; Business Collaboration Agreements; Franchise Agreements; Profit Share Agreements; Commission Agreements; Broker Agreements; Loan Agreements; Guaranteed Loan Agreements.

We offer a tailored legal review of your existing contract or terms of business for a fixed hourly rate of £250 plus vat.

Our service will provide you with a comprehensive legal analysis of the contract to ensure it contains everything you need and is:-

* Not unfair to your business and protects it
* Not risky and reduces your liability
* Compliant with the current law and regulations to your advantage
* Clear and not ambiguous

The findings of our legal analysis will be provided in a written concise advice. We will also explain any recommendations, further clarifications or amendments required and any specific problems in your contract.

We will help identify any further support/guidance you may require from us which can include and not limited to:-

*Helping you negotiate new terms
*Redrafting clauses or the entire contract
*Representing you in any business dispute

Minor edits of your existing contract or terms of business will be included in this price. If a partial or full redraft if required, or if you do not have existing contracts or terms of business in place, then our drafting services will be charged at a fixed hourly rate of £250 plus vat. We can offer fixed fee quotations.

Please complete the form below and we will contact you for a complimentary online/telephone enquiry with one of our senior advisers.

You can also reach us on –
+44 (0)203 786 1165

It was a pleasure to work with Damion. He is very easy to communicate with and totally grasped what I was after. I'll definitely be hiring him again. Thanks Damion!
Toby L

If only everything in life was as reliable as Damion. As always, great advice without jargon & delivered on time & budget. A pleasure to work with Damion.
Tony M.

Excellent. We'd have no issues recommending Damion, the work was completed within timeframe and to a high standard and I am grateful for the advice given. Would highly recommend.
Ian S.

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