British Citizenship for Children

Becoming a British Citizen is a life changing event for a Child and even for their family. If you think your Child may be eligible to apply for British Citizenship, please contact our friendly UK Immigration team for an assessment consultation. We have specialist knowledge in this complex area of UK Nationality Law and we can swiftly and expertly determine whether your child may be eligible to apply.

Our assessment and advice consultation would benefit you, as a qualified solicitor will be able to provide you with valuable advice on eligibility, options available, procedure and requirements. The fixed fee for this solicitor service is £120 plus vat. The advice is confidential and there is no obligation to use our service further. If you do wish to use our service further, we would diligently and professionally prepare your child's application to ensure all aspects of the relevant law is covered and present it to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for consideration. Within six months your child could become British.

There are various different routes to Citizenship for a Child. There are different factors to consider such as the Child's date of birth, where they were born and the status of their parents at the time of birth. Being born in the UK to non British or non settled parents in the UK does not mean a Child is automatically a British Citizen. The complexity in this area is best demonstrated by a few examples in these case studies.


Case Study 1

Jennifer and Amy are sisters both born in the UK. Their parents separated when they were young and they have lost contact with their Father so they did not know his Immigration status. Their Mother did not have permission to live in the UK at the time of Jennifer and Amy's respective births and is still trying to regularise her stay in the UK. Both Jennifer and Amy lived in Britain throughout their lives since birth. Jennifer is now aged 15 years old and Amy is aged 21 years old. Both Jennifer and Amy are entitled to apply for registration as British Citizens, as they were both born in Britain after 1 January 1983 and have both lived in Britain continuously for the first 10 years of their life. As Amy is an adult she has to prove she is of 'good character' when she applies.

Case Study 2

Adam is a British Citizen living in the UK. He has been in a long term relationship with his partner Nikki, an American national living in the UK. On the 3 March 2006 the couple had a daughter, Chloe born in the UK. As Chloe was born before 1 July 2006, and her parents were unmarried at the time of her birth, Chloe is not automatically a British Citizen as her Citizenship flows from her Mother. Chloe is entitled to apply for registration as a British Citizen

Case Study 3

Katy and Jim were both born in the UK to British parents and are both British. They married and both emigrated to Australia. While they were living in Australia they had a son called Noah. Noah is automatically British, however as he was born outside the UK he is British by descent. Noah grew up in Australia and continued to live there as a British Citizen. He married an Australian national Sophie, and together they had a daughter, Olivia, born in Australia. Olivia is not born a British national because her father Noah is British by Descent. Olivia would be entitled to apply for registration as a British national.

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